Our Services

Metaglaze Provides wide range of design with options that are tailor made to project specific. We also offer a wide range of material, finish and fittings as per the specific requirement.

Cladding Options :

    • Cladding of stainless steel sheets
  • No.4 Finish
  • Mirror Finish
  • Stainless Steel Etching Pattern
  • Gold mirror finish
  • Coloured stainless steel sheets
  • Designer stainless steel sheets

    • Cladding Options with Glass
  • Full Glass Cladding
  • Combination of Glass and Stainless steel cladding

    • Metaglaze also provides Other Cladding Options as Per Client Specific Design Requirement.

Cladding Features :

  • Sheet Provided with Stiffeners for rigidity
  • Manufactured on CNC Machines
  • Mounting Screw invisible

Metaglaze provides wide range of design with options that are tailored to project specific material & fittings.

Our assembled product not only enhances the appearance of the elevator but also the concerns of durability & safety.

Used at :

  • Malls
  • Airport
  • Building and office tower
  • Other public places

We provide technical support that can help you with :

  • Drawing & Detailing
  • Material Options
  • Size & Weight Calculations
  • Mounting & Installation details
  • Budget Pricing


Elevator door carries a design from the elevator interior to lobby & beyond. We provide variety of material finishes and pattern.


Elevator handrails specified for elevator back wall and or side wall. We provide varied style, finish & material options like stainless steel, bronze as per the need.


Metal cladding is commonly used in today's building. It can be used both in interior and exterior of building to create an architectural effect. They enhance the durability & prevents wear and tear in all areas.

Stainless steel is a versatile material that comes in patterned, dimpled, textured, embossed and colored finishes.

It is robust due to its corrosion resistance and recyclable property.

Types of cladding

  • wall cladding
  • pillar cladding

Material Used :

  • Stainless steel (Grade 304 and 316)
  • Copper
  • M.S powder coated panels

We provide high quality stainless steel that provides minimalistic design with unique finish.

Stainless steel AISI 304 and 316 provides a perfect application for any environment.

Our customization is formed to accommodate any design or building condition.

Pre-engineered system modular component with unique, hidden internal connection.

The railing system is designed and manufactured by skilled craftsman using the latest technology and software. It is shipped in pre-assembled section to maximize the ease of installation and minimize on site time.

Metaglaze provides custom metal fabrication services by combining advanced technology and modern design to produce quality products, on time and to specification.

We have the experience and flexibility to work with customers ranging from multi-national corporations to individual proprietors. Our commitment is not only to provide quality but also to supply effective and dependable fabrication services.

Metaglaze staircase combines quality, functionality and design.

Our complete range of Stair solutions:
  • Services that creates efficient, harmonious, and aesthetic solutions and optimizing the space available.
  • Help you in visualizing of delicate steps and how the finished product will look like to avoid unpleasant surprises and regrets.
  • Types of stairs
  • Stainless steel stairs
  • Glass and stainless steel stairs (with led)